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New Neighbor (m/m)

AstronomicalNew Neighbor

This story features Blake and Greg from Astronomical.

Montford, my pony-sized mutt, and I were out for our Sunday afternoon walk, something we did ever week, despite the Louisiana heat. I liked our routine. In fact, I liked all my routines. My sister said I was boring. I said I was organized and that knowing what to expect made me efficient. But that afternoon, I was about to stumble into something very unexpected.

When I rounded the corner onto my street, the first thing I noticed was a moving truck parked in front of the house next to mine. The next thing I noticed was a man standing in the yard, directing the movers. He was wearing a kilt—a fucking kilt—and nothing else, and he was positively drop-dead gorgeous.

I’d heard from a few of the neighbors that Dr Greg MacIntyre, an astronomy professor, had rented the house. Apparently, Dr MacIntyre was a sought-after scholar LSU had managed to lure away from Berkley. I’d imagined an older man with white hair, rumpled suits, and pale skin, someone who spoke math more fluently than English. Surely this god-like man wasn’t one of the country’s top astronomers.

I assumed he must be Dr MacIntyre’s son or someone he’d hired to co-ordinate the move. I thought that maybe when he was finished, he could come over to my house and co-ordinate something, anything, as long as he did it shirtless in that kilt.

I tried to slow my pace, wanting plenty of time to watch this man and let my fantasies run wild. But Montford had other ideas. He pulled on the leash, making me stumble. I had to jog to keep up with him as he bounded for home.

SV_MeteorStrike400x600Our progress along the sidewalk drew the kilted man’s attention. He turned and waved. I think I waved back, but I’m not sure. I definitely stared. My mouth may have dropped open. My only excuse for this lapse of etiquette was that the sight of the man’s naked chest was more than my mind could take.

I studied the curve of his shoulder and the bulge of his pecs. I thought about how his hard muscles would feel under my hands. I imagined the taste of his salty skin and how it would feel against my tongue, the contrast of his smooth shoulders and hairy chest would be perfect. I wanted to lick him all over.

I let go of Montford’s leash, and he ran for the cool comfort of our porch where he flopped down with a thump.

The man titled his head toward my half-asleep dog. “Heat too much for him?”

I nodded. “I don’t think he was meant to be a Louisiana dog.”

He wiped his forehead with his arm. The gesture pushed his reddish-gold hair back, making it stand up in damp spikes. “I’m not sure I’m cut out for this climate either.”

“You look good to me.” Shit! That didn’t sound right.

The man laughed as he walk toward me. “I haven’t passed out in this heat yet; I guess that’s good enough.”

“Yeah. Um… that’s great.” Idiot alert!

He held out his hand, and I took it. His grip was firm, his skin surprisingly soft. I thought I might melt into puddle of liquid lust.

“I’m Greg MacIntyre.” he said as we shook hands.

My eyes widened. “You’re an astronomer?”

He laughed. “I am, and I see the neighbors have been gossiping about me already.”

“Not really. I had no idea you were so—” Oh, God, what am I saying? Why can’t I keep my mouth shut? “uh…young.”

He grinned. “I hope I’m a pleasant surprise.”

“Oh yeah.” Shut up, Blake! Just shut up.

He looked like he was trying to keep from laughing at me. “Good.”

“I’m Blake. Blake Theriot. I live next door.” I pointed at the house.

“I guessed that.”

Of course. Montford had run up on my porch. My cheeks flamed with heat. This unbelievably hot man was my next-door neighbor, and I was making a fool of myself. I considered running for the safety of the porch the way Montford had. Life would be a lot easier if I were a dog.


I looked up and got the impression that wasn’t the first time Greg had called my name. “Sorry. I think the heat may be getting to me.”

“I’ve got some lemonade inside. Would you like some?”

Danger, Will Robinson. Considering that I wanted to skip the lemonade and drag Greg off to the nearest bed, the smart thing to do was excuse myself and go home. The teasing glint I saw in his eyes couldn’t possibly be him flirting with me. No way could I be that lucky. He was probably straight as an arrow.

But instead of thanking him for the offer and heading home, I followed him up the steps and through the front door. Boxes were stacked all around the foyer, and the lemonade sat on a dresser that had become an impromptu table. A stack of cups rested beside the blue plastic pitcher.

Greg poured lemonade into two cups and handed me one. I took it, but I was too awe-struck by the sight of him swallowing the cool, sweet liquid to taste my own. The muscles of his throat worked as he swallowed, making me long to kiss my way along his neck, nibble his collar bone, and then move on to his dark nipples.

“Be careful!” Greg yelled suddenly. At first I thought I’d done something stupid, but I realized he was talking to the moving men who were carrying in a large box. “You can leave that right there. I want to make sure it made the trip safely.”

I found the ability to move as Greg began tearing into the box. I gulped down my lemonade, realizing I was desperately thirsty as well as hot. A ceiling fan whirred above me, but with the doors open for the movers, the fans and A/C couldn’t keep up with the heat. The air in the house was muggy and thick.

“Phew! I think everything’s okay,” Greg said.

I walked over an peered in the box. “Wow! It’s huge.”

“Oh yeah,” Greg said, his voice low and husky. “You’d love what it can do.”

I shivered. We were talking about the telescope, weren’t we? I looked up. Greg was only inches away. My gaze dropped to his lips, and my cock swelled as I watched him moisten them with his tongue.

I forced myself to look back at the telescope in the box, the largest one I’d seen outside of an observatory.

Greg reached in and caressed the barrel. “This is a finely tuned instrument. I’d be devastated if it weren’t working properly.” I watched his hand, desperately wanting it on me.

“Yeah, I bet.” My voice shook. He couldn’t possibly be flirting with me. He was just passionate about his work, that’s why he sounded like I imagined he would if he were about to kiss me.

My phone rang, startling us both. I looked down at the display. “It’s my sister.”

He nodded.

I answered the call. “What’s up, Renee?”

“I’m at your house. Montford’s loose on the porch. Where are you?”

“Oh, shit! I’m next door. I didn’t realize what time it was. I’ll be right there.”

I hung up. How could I have forgotten that Renee was stopping by on her way to work? “I’ve got to go.”

Greg looked disappointed. “It was great meeting you, Blake.”

He said my name like an endearment. Fuck! I had it bad.

“Stop by any time. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.”

I put my phone in my pocket and looked up. The words I was going to say stuck in my throat. What was wrong with me? After a few embarrassing seconds, I found my voice. “Yeah. I… me too. Gotta go.”

I practically ran from his house, heart thundering against my chest. I had a strange feeling that the next few weeks were going to be very unpredictable.

Find out what Happens Next with Greg and Blake in Astronomical.


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