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Coming Later This Week: Revision by Silvia Violet

Mar 8, 2011 Filed under: book release, excerpts, paranormal, vampire

Coming Later This Week:

Revision by Silvia Violet


Vivian used the power of the written word to free Niall from an evil wizard and discovered a world of vampires, magic, and incredible sex she thought existed only in her fantasies. Now the wizard’s power is growing and Vivian and Niall must work with the Vampire Consulate to destroy him before he unleashes his power on humans and non-humans alike.

As danger intensifies, Vivian and Niall’s connection strengthens until there is no doubt she is his Companion. Their desire for one another rages out of control, but will fear of what the future holds keep them from sealing their bond?


Adult Excerpt

Niall’s mind was a riot of emotion: fear, resentment, and overriding it all, hot, stabbing need. He’d spent months trapped, unable to do anything but wait for someone to answer his call. Then Vivian had saved him, and he’d paid her back by irrevocably altering her life.

He wanted to rip something or somebody apart. But if he could lose himself in Vivian, he might be able to forget how badly he’d screwed this mission up, at least for a few minutes.

She held out her hand and walked backward toward the bedroom door. He followed, fighting the urge to drag her to the floor and take her right there. He could wait until they got to the bed. Maybe. But she was damn beautiful with her dark curls tousled from sleep and her hazel eyes burning with passion.

His control broke as they entered the bedroom. He lifted her and tossed her on the bed, crawling on top of her and pinning her arms above her head. His hands closed around her wrists.

Her eyes were wide, lust tinged with fear filled the air. He breathed it in. “I have no restraint right now. This is going to be hard, rough, and fast. Are you ready?”

She nodded even as her fear spiked. “Dear God, yes.”

He drove deep. She screamed. He fought for control, stabbing his lip with his fangs to distract himself. Did I hurt you?

Her thoughts were a wild mix of need and fear, and they were delicious. Yes. Sore. Don’t Care. Like it.

The last hold on his control broke with her hot confession. He pulled back and shoved in, sinking in her to the balls. Her legs locked around his back.

He fucked her mercilessly, needing to claim her, devour her. He’d used her hard all night, but he couldn’t get enough. He didn’t think he’d ever slake his hunger for her. Every story about the Companion bond described the insatiable hunger that consumed the vampire and his Companion and gave them the stamina to fuck for days on end.

He shifted his position so he could lick and suck at her breasts. When he bit down on one of her nipples, Vivian’s nails dug into his back. He snarled and sucked harder. She bucked against him.

I’m going to make you scream for me.


He sank his fangs into her breast.

Learn how Niall and Vivian met in Stranger Than Fiction

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