Silvia Violet

If Wishes Were Horses

January 24, 2020

Andy’s last undercover assignment nearly broke him. Now he’s got another chance to capture his target, but the gorgeous rancher he’s investigating makes him long for things he can’t have.

Ken gave up his society life to run a ranch, and he’ll do anything to protect what’s his. When he starts to suspect his new employee is hiding something, he knows he should send the man away. But Andy is as gorgeous as he is infuriating, and he‘s pulling Ken to him like a magnet. Both men long for control, yet neither knows how to surrender.

A clash of wills is inevitable, but neither man expects the tenderness that grows every time they touch. With secrets between them and outside forces threatening the ranch, each man will need to decide how far he’s willing to go to protect the other.

This title was originally released in 2014. It's been re-edited and an epilogue has been added.


The front door of the traditionally styled ranch house was solid dark wood. Andy knocked and waited. A few seconds later, Mr. Carver opened it. Andy had been expecting a maid, not Kenneth Carver himself, live and in person, wearing an expensive white button-down, worn jeans—that were probably designer—over his fine ass, and cowboy boots with actual dust on them. He was more rugged than he looked on TV, his face angled and craggy. His hands looked like he was due for a manicure appointment, but that would only make them sexier wrapped around Andy’s dick. His smirk and his knowing eyes, though, were just as Andy had expected. The man was a walking fantasy.

“Andy Watson?”

Andrew almost forgot and said his real name instead, but just in time, he caught himself. “Yeah, that’s me. I’m here about a job.”

“Do come in.” Carver bowed slightly and swept his hand out to indicate that Andy should enter.

Fuck. Was the man flirting with him? Andy’s dick said it liked that a whole lot, but his other head knew that could lead to serious trouble. Despite what Gomez thought he might do and no matter what answers he would get from fucking Ken, getting that close would compromise him. The last thing he needed was a flashback in bed.

But oh my holy God, Carver was even sexier in person than he’d been when the media had spent day and night detailing the events of his coming out. The man moved like he knew he could have whatever he wanted, and wow, that ass. His jeans fit it perfectly, and Andy wanted to reach out and test its firmness. Carver was dangerous, like a jungle cat, ready to leap down from the trees and devour him. All Andy’s senses told him this man was shrewder than anyone gave him credit for and far more in his element on a ranch than Andy had thought he’d be. There was little or none of the ridiculous city playboy in him. That must have been an act for the cameras. This man played for keeps which meant Andy was in a fuckload of trouble.


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