Silvia Violet

The Snow Dragon’s Mate

Lonely Dragons Club 2
November 29, 2019

Best Christmas gift ever: Finding out dragons exist and one of them is your fated mate.                                 


Weary from centuries spent searching for my mate, I hid away in a mountain cabin until an offer from a friend leads me to the most exquisite omega I have ever seen. From the moment our eyes meet, all I want is to make him mine. A well-timed storm leaves him stranded in my lair, but when the snow melts, he insists on returning to his human life. I’m convinced we’re fated for one another. Can I make this stubborn young man believe it too?


I rode on a dragon’s back. A real, live dragon. In his human form, Kymar is so gorgeous I can hardly breathe around him. I’m drawn to him by a force too strong to ignore, but, magical creature or not, I can’t get involved with him. Happiness never lasts. I’ve learned that lesson again and again. After I walk away, my longing to return grows worse every day until I start to wonder if I can find to courage to believe what my heart and my dragon say is true—Kymar and I are meant to be together.


Kymar and I each took an ornament, but I nearly dropped mine when he brushed against me as we both reached toward the tree. He took it from me, hung it, and then led me away. I shivered when he cupped my face and leaned in close, warm breath tickling my ear. “You know what I’d rather do?”
I shook my head, but I hoped fuck me was the answer.
“I’d rather cover you in ornaments. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires.”
“Your scales look like sapphires.” I realized how dopey that sounded and wished I could take it back, but I felt him smile as he skimmed his lips down my neck.
“Thank you,” he whispered. “Would you like that? For me to lay you out in front of my fire, strip you bare, and decorate you?”
I swallowed hard, hoping my voice would work. “Y-yes. But… um…”
“Tell me,” he ran his tongue up the outer edge of my ear, and my knees literally buckled.


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