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Paws on Me: Hibernating – Brandon and Seth from Paws on me get up to antics in the kitchen.

Sex on the Hoof: Crimes in the Lab – Drew and Jason from Sex on the Hoof are up to no good in the lab.

Finding Release Extra: Birthday Boy – Cole and Jonah from Finding Release celebrate Cole’s Birthday.

Heat in the Kitchen – Allen gets excited when Layton shows off his cooking skills.

Astronomical Extra: New Neighbor – Blake and Greg from Astronomical meet for the first time

Time to Tell – two friends who joined the army together confess their love for each other

Savage Wolf: Stress Relief (m/f) – A few weeks after the end of Savage Wolf…

Shifter’s Station: Prolonged Need (m/m/f) – What happens when a day of sexual frustration ends in a shower with two hot men



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Jul 1, 2019 Unicorn Cupcakes from Anticipating Rejection

I’ve had several readers ask about a recipe for the unicorn cupcakes from Anticipating Rejection. While I’ve made many of the cupcakes in the book and I’ve made the cake and frosting from the unicorn cupcakes, I’ve not made unicorn cupcakes exactly like Noah’s so I don’t have a picture of mine to share, however, […]

Jun 25, 2019 It’s Release Day for Anticipating Rejection!

Anticipating Rejection is out now! I’m so excited to bring you Anticipating Rejection, the next book in the Anticipation series. This is Noah and Del’s story and it’s actually the first one that came to me as this series developed. If you know about my love of baking, you’ll know why this one is extra […]