Silvia Violet

A Devilish Christmas

A Devilish Christmas

The Marchesi Family 4
November 18, 2021

Devil, my beast of a man, seduces me into eloping, then abducts me for a honeymoon in Christmastown, Vermont.

A lot of men would be furious. I simply planned revenge involving handcuffs.

My anger doesn’t last long. Devil rents my dream cottage and manages to draw me out of my Scrooge-like ways. But I’ve been keeping a secret, and it follows me all the way to Christmastown.

Can Devil and I enjoy each other, find our Christmas spirit, and keep ourselves safe from a vicious killer?


“Don’t move.” My cock slipped from Joe’s body as I rose from the bed, leaving him lying on his back, panting and sweaty.

“I’m not sure I could if I wanted to.”

“Mission accomplished.”

He flipped me off as I walked to the en suite bathroom. After taking a moment to clean myself up, I stared at myself in the mirror. I’d put this off too many times. I told myself it was because Joe had been working insanely long hours and was distracted as hell by his current case, but that wasn’t really it. I was scared—damn, I hated admitting that, even to myself—but I wasn’t going to chicken out again. If for no other reason than my cousin Angelo would never stop giving me grief. There was never going to be a moment more perfect than this one while Joe was spread out in our bed, spent and satisfied.

I opened the bottom drawer in the vanity cabinet, pulled out the small velvet box, and charged back into the bedroom before I could change my mind.

Joe was dozing, but he opened his eyes when I knelt on the bed. “Devil, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

He studied me before replying. “Like you’re about to tell me something I won’t like.”

“You better like it.”

Joe snorted, then he noticed what I was holding, and his breath caught. “Devil?”

“Yes, baby?”

“What’s that?”

I shrugged. “You’re the detective, you tell me.”


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