Silvia Violet



The Theriot Family 5
March 24, 2022

I thought I was the one straight Theriot cousin...
But I was wrong.

Because when Sheriff Eric Winston demanded my help in ridding his territory of pure evil, I couldn’t say no.

The man’s infuriating—a clean-cut do-gooder—and my family’s never exactly been friends with the law.
But I couldn’t deny I owed the man a favor…
And I can’t deny the things he makes me feel either.

I want to protect him. To kiss him. To possess him.
To save him from the enemy that threatens to take him away from me.
To break down every obstacle that could keep us apart…
Even the ones in my own mind.

Because I thought I was the one Theriot cousin who could never fall in love…
But I might have been wrong about that, too.


“Meet me here in two hours,” Ambrose demanded.

“I can barely get there that fast if I leave now.”

“Then get moving.”

Ambrose ended the call, and I blew out a long breath.

Was I really going to do this? Could I really consider myself a decent sheriff if I kept working with the criminals?

But I did have the day off. There wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t go to New Orleans to see Ambrose, except there weren’t really days off for sheriffs in a small department. If something happened…

Get the fuck out of here and worry about that when it comes up.

I listened to my inner voice even though I was fairly sure I just wanted another chance to see Ambrose. Maybe this time he’d piss me off badly enough that I’d be able to stop thinking about him all the fucking time.


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