Silvia Violet

The Island Dragon’s Mate

The Island Dragons Mate

Lonely Dragons Club 4
December 27, 2019

Best Day Ever: When your fated mate washes up on the beach like a gift from the sea.


I’d nearly resigned myself to a life alone when the sea brings me a beautiful omega who smells like heaven. I realize he’s mine, and I’ll do anything to protect him. He doesn’t know his name or how he got to my island, but he feels our connection. I wait for his memory to return, but no matter what happened in his past, I won’t let it take him from me.


I woke up on a beach with a big, gorgeous man standing over me, but I can’t remember my name. I should be afraid, but I’m not. This man feels safe, his touch comforting. Even when I learn he’s actually a dragon, I’m not intimidated. He’s caring and protective, and he wants a big, loving family just like I do. I don’t want to think about my past, only my time with Desmond. But when my old life catches up with me, I’ll have to find a way to face my past while protecting my future.


The man standing over me was stunning. And naked. He was very naked.

He was also tall and broad-shouldered with thick blond hair and a smile that made me feel like things were going to be okay even if I was covered in sand with no idea how I’d gotten there.

The man—Desmond—looked down at himself as if he’d forgotten he wasn’t wearing clothes. “Oh, right. It’s a private beach, but I have some clothes over there.” He pointed toward some rocks. “I’ll get dressed and then go get my car. It’s a little farther away, but I can move it closer, then I’ll take you up to my house and get you settled.”

Why was he taking me home? Shouldn’t I see a doctor? Other than a headache and being incredibly thirsty, I felt okay physically. I was far more worried about the fact that I didn’t remember anything, not just how I’d ended up on the beach but anything at all: my name, where I lived, what I did, any details about my life. I must have hit my head somehow.

What was I doing on a private beach? And why the hell was I considering letting Desmond take me back to his house instead of to a hospital or whatever sort of medical facility they had here. I looked around trying to get a sense of how big the island was. My guess was small, but who the hell knew if I knew anything about islands or not.

Wow. My thoughts were all over the place. How badly had I scrambled my brain when… whatever happened?

“I think you should take me to the hospital. I might have hit my head or something. I…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll call someone to examine you.”

“You mean like someone who’ll come to your house? Doctors make house calls here?”

“They do for me.”

I frowned. “Are you like really rich or something?”

“Yes,” he said, very matter-of-factly.

“So this is your private beach?”

“It sure is. Just rest until I get back. I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.”

I stared at him as he walked away. Was I really going to go home with this man? Could I trust him? Did I have a choice? I tried to get my feet under me so I could stand, but I nearly fell flat on my face. Shit, I was really dizzy and weak. I wasn’t going anywhere without someone’s help. I patted my pants, looking for my phone, then realized I was wearing swim trunks, and even if I’d had my phone, it would be waterlogged.

I couldn’t call for help, and there was no one around. I basically had to risk that Mr. Hot and Naked wasn’t going to harm me. If he was rich enough to have a private beach, he probably had servants or something at his house. Maybe they could…

All thoughts of potential escape ceased as I watched Desmond stretch his arms up and pull a t-shirt over his defined chest. Fuck, he was beautiful. My gaze dropped lower as he pulled on his pants. Damn, his cock was impressive. How good would it feel…


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