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Fantastic news about Sex on the Hoof!

Nov 18, 2011 Filed under: D/s, m/m, paranormal, shapeshifter, vampire, web event

Sex on the Hoof was nominated for Romance Reviews Best Books in the GLBT Paranormal – Shifter category. You can vote here from now until November 30th. Lots of other great authors are up for these awards too so check out all the categories.

Sex on the Hoof by Silvia Violet

Deer shifter Jason Fleetfoot has turned his life around. After years of taking chances, he’s got a job as a crime lab technician, and he’s determined to forgo the risky behavior of his past.

Then he meets Drew Danvers, the only undead detective in the city. Jason hates vampires, or does he? Drew defies all the stereotypes of his kind and something about him has taken hold of Jason and won’t let go.

Will Jason take a chance on a man others would label a risk to his health if not his very life?


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