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Feb 5, 2008 Filed under: free story, historical

Only 7 days left until the release of A Persistent Attraction. I’ll be here every day for the next week counting down the days and posting excerpts and Regency info. Every time you comment, your name is thrown into the hat to win a book from my backlist so join in the fun.

To get us in the proper mood for more Regency Intrigue, here’s a little Regency-era short…
(Just to clarify – this is not an excerpt from A Persistent Attraction. It’s a separate story I wrote for fun that might one day develop into a longer story.)

As Brodie pushed the door closed behind them and clicked the lock into place, Alice’s heart pounded. What did he think he was doing?

But she thought she knew the answer all too well, and when her lover turned and flashed a wicked grin, her suspicions were confirmed. He meant to seduce her. In her aunt’s house. In the middle of a ball.

She shook her head. “We can’t. Not here.”

“The hell we can’t.” He sat down on the settee and pulled her into her lap so abruptly her breath whooshed from her lungs. Before she draw in more air, he pulled her head down and took her lips in a ferocious kiss.

Heat and need spiraled through her.. She tried to pull away, but Brodie’s hands were already unbuttoning the back of her dress.

He tugged so hard on her bodice she heard stitches rip. Dear God, she hoped she’d be decent enough to return to the ballroom.

She gasped as Brodie’s mouth left hers and closed around her nipple. He was always a passionate lover, but tonight he was relentless as if he wanted to devour her. Her body responded with abandon even as her mind screamed out the need to stop.

“Lift your dress.”

His pause to speak gave her a chance to protest. “My aunt will be looking for me. We’ve got to stop.”

His eyes darkened. “If you think you can tease me like that and not suffer the consequences you are quite wrong.”

Alice smiled at his mock anger. She’d been feeling a bit wild all evening, contemplating the night she and Brodie had planned. So when he’d pulled her onto the dance floor for a waltz, ignoring the fact that the dance had been claimed by her cousin, she’d allowed herself to stand quite a bit closer than propriety allowed. Once or twice she’d even allowed her belly to brush against his cock, delighting in the feel of it hardening in response.

Brodie growled. “Now.”

Alice smiled and did as he commanded, raising her dress and straddling him while he worked the fastenings of his pants.

When he’d freed his cock, he lifted her and thrust deep. She had to bite her lip to hold in a scream. They’d been lovers for weeks now, but she’d still not gotten used to his size. He filled her nearly to the point of pain. Yet it felt so wickedly good.

She rose on her knees and brought herself down hard. He gasped, and she laughed.

He grabbed her hips in response, taking over control and driving into her over and over, so fast she couldn’t catch her breath.


Her aunt’s voice. In the hall. She tired to find the will to stop. But her hands clasped Brodie’s shoulders rather than pushing him away.

“Alice! Where are you?” Someone, presumably her aunt, tried the door. Thank God Brodie had locked it. She opened her eyes and looked at him pointedly.

Brodie shook his head. “Can’t . . . stop.” The words sounded pained.

He reached up and brushed his thumbs across booth her nipples as he flexed his cock inside her, brushing across the spot inside her that made her sizzle.

Her aunt knocked again, but Alice no longer cared. All she cared about was Brodie and what his hands and his cock were doing ot her.

He tormented her nipples as he thrust fully into her. Her nails bit into his shoulders, nearly ripping the fabric of his jacket. “Come for me, Alice.”

She moaned, slamming herself onto his cock, letting him fill her until she exploded. Hard bursts of passion raced through her. At just the right moment, Brodie took her lips with his and swallowed her scream of release.

As her body writhed against his, he lifted her and she felt the hot splash of his seed against her thigh. As the aftershocks of passion slowed, she realized something she’d been trying to deny. She needed this man with her very soul. She would have to find a way to keep him.


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  1. CrystalGB says:

    Wow, what a great excerpt.

  2. JOYE says:

    Gee, I would keep Brodie too

  3. Caitlin Hoy says:

    Great Excerpt. I can’t wait til the book comes out. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. glenna day says:

    WOW Great excerpt and very HOT

  5. Cathy says:

    I enjoyed it, I hope you get to expand on the story in the future.

  6. Loretta says:

    I say it was getting a little warm where I am sitting. lol Loved it very much.

  7. mamasand2 says:

    Lord have mercy. I’m still drooling.

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