Silvia Violet

Menage Flash Fiction

Mar 16, 2008 Filed under: free story, paranormal

This week’s Changeling Bar and Grille theme was shape-shifter menage. I wrote this 100 word flash piece for the theme:

Jake’s claws slid out and dug into Liz’s hips. He froze. Afraid of how she would react.

But she showed no sign of fear. Instead, she moaned around his friend’s cock and shoved her hips back, taking Jake deeper.

He let his claws sink into her flesh, deep enough to sting.

She went wild, bucking against him, begging for more. He gave her his full length, pounding against her, no longer trying to hold back his animal nature. She squeezed his cock, pulling him toward orgasm as his friends fucked her mouth and howled.

Be sure to stop by the Bar and Grille next Friday to see what the Changeling authors are up to.

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