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Free Story: Paws on Me: Hibernating

Jan 26, 2012 Filed under: bears, free story, m/m, men in uniform, paranormal, shapeshifter

One of my favorite blogs, Coffee and Porn in the Morning is celebrating their first anniversary with free reads and publisher giveaways. I’ve contributed a story starring Seth and Brandon from Paws on Me. It’s titled Hibernating and involves bacon, pancakes and bears – a fantastic combination. Follow this link to download it.

Then go here to find more free stories by an amazing list of talented authors.

Guest Blogger: Amber Kell

Nov 21, 2011 Filed under: free story, guest blogger, m/m

Today I’m welcoming Amber Kell to my blog. She is celebrating her birthday all month with prizes and a free read broken into 30 parts. Part 21 is here. If you need to catch up, go HERE for more info about all that’s going on with Amber this month.

Thanks for being here Amber and Happy Birthday!

Accidental Alpha #21

Shaking his head Stanley headed for Fenris’ bedroom. Only a minute later his mate followed practically on his heels.

“See you tomorrow,” Fenris called gleefully as he slammed the door behind them.

Stanley watched with amusement as the dark-haired man stripped out of his clothes almost quicker than the eye then threw himself onto the bed. His muscular form bouncing lightly as he landed.

“Come ravish me!” Fenris demanded.

Stanley threw back his head and laughed. Still smiling he approached the bed and sat down on the side. Fenris scooted over to give him a spot to sit.

Fenris raised a brow. “It’s kind of hard to ravish with you fully dressed. I don’t think you’re getting into the spirit of the ravishment. Do you need instructions, pictures, maybe finger puppets?”

Stanley pretended to give it some thought.  “You have finger puppets?”

“Oh shut up and get naked!” Fenris said, rolling his eyes.

Leaning over, Stanley placed a hard kiss on Fenris’ mouth. He stood up and slowly slid apart the buttons of his shirt making sure his mate saw each piece of skin exposed.

“Tease.” Fenris’ husky tone and his hot gaze belied his complaint.

“Well if you don’t like the teasing…”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it. Did you see Mr. Happy?” he pointed down at this erection. “Just tease faster.”

Stanley shook his head. “I don’t think I can have sex with a man who calls his dick Mr. Happy.”

“I’ll name it Stanley-ass-seeker if you just get yourself over here and stop torturing me.”

It was difficult to remove your shoes and laugh hysterically at the same time. Stanley learned that the hard way as he tumbled to the floor.

“Oh that’s it.” Fenris jumped up off the bed. Growling he leaned down to reach his giggling mate. With a snarl he ripped off Stanley’s shoes. A loud tearing sound filled the room as Fenris’ claws shredded Stanley’s clothes and tossed the pieces aside. “Much better.” Fenris said, admiring his work.

He reached a hand down to help the Stanley up. With a yank, Stanley pulled Fenris down to the floor. Quickly, before Fenris could object, he rolled until Fenris’ hard body lay beneath him.

“I think you’ve forgotten that I’m the alpha, my mate.” Stanley let a low growl roll up his chest.

Fenris tilted his head, exposing his neck submissively. Licking a line up Fenris neck before biting hard at the base, between shoulder and neck. “I’ll be the one fucking you.”

“Yes, mate.” Fenris swallowed hard and the smell of lust practically burned the air with hits heat.

“Now for the important question of the night.”

Fenris’ eyes widened with surprise. “What question?”

“Where’s the lube?”

Fenris pointed at the table near the bed. “That’s why the bed location was so good,” he pouted.

“I could also bend your over your desk,” he nodded to the sturdy piece of furniture in the corner.

“Y-you could do that,” Fenris agreed, nodding.

Stanley wrapped a hand around Fenris’ hard shaft. “Or I could grab the lube, fuck you hard and not let you come until tomorrow.”

A soft sound, quiet whimper came from Fenris’ throat.

Stanley scooted off of Fenris and stood yanking his mate to his feet. “Or we could go with your idea,” he finished. “What do you think?”

Fenris’ pupils widened with lust. “Whatever you want mate?”

A smile spread across Stanley’s face. Leaning forward he whispered into his mate’s ear. “I love hearing those words from you. I might have to try all three.”

Fenris whimpered.

FREE story: Crimes in the Lab (starring Drew and Jason)

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I’ve got a freebie for you today starring Drew and Jason from Sex on the Hoof. In my latest Protect and Serve story, Paws on Me, I allude to an incident in the crime lab that’s caused Drew to be banned from visiting Jason there. This is that incident.

If you’d like to download this for free in .pdf, .epub., or .rtf, go here and scroll down until you see Sex on the Hoof: Crimes in the Lab and click the appropriate link.


Sex on the Hoof: Crimes in the Lab by Silvia Violet

“Yeah. I… I’m sure he’s OK.” My heart pounds. If I were in deer form, the fur on my back would be raised. Why the hell hasn’t Drew called?

“I’ll tell him to call you as soon as he checks in.”

Shit. Now the Lieutenant’s going to think I’m a nag. “You don’t have to…”

Morrison sighs. I can tell he’s worried too. “It’s fine. He should’ve checked in by now.”

“Yeah. OK. Thanks.” I end the call, shaking with a combination of anger and fear. No one has heard from Drew for nearly twenty-four hours. Where the fuck is he? Why won’t he answer his phone? It’s been dark for almost an hour now.

I try to concentrate on the tests I’m supposed to run, but I’m useless. I seriously need to grow some antlers and quit worrying about him. But all I can think is my bloodsucker better damn well be OK. And if he is, I’m going to tear him apart.

I smell him before I see him. The crime lab door slides open, and he stalks in looking pissed as hell. He’s not the only one. “Where the fuck were you?” I snap.

He’s breathing hard. He looks like hell. “Caught by the sun. Had to hole up.”

“And you didn’t call because…”

“Dead battery.” He stalks toward me. My deer senses tell me to run. I’m prey, and he’s going to eat me.

His eyes are dark, lust filled. He’s not pissed so much as starving. I’m in trouble. “Drew. I’m working. We’ll have to take care of this later.”

He shakes his head. “Need you.”

Oh shit. I back up, but realize he’s got me trapped. Maybe if I piss him off he’ll leave. “You can’t just come in here like this. You disappeared for a whole day without contacting anyone. I was worried as shit. You’re going to catch it from Morrison, too.”

He doesn’t react. He’s beyond words. I’m going to have to get physical. But as I cock my arm back to punch him, he grabs it and twists it behind my back. His other hand cups the back of my head, slamming me into him. His lips crush mine in a brutal kiss.

I struggle for about a second, and then he does this thing with his tongue where he flicks it across the roof of my mouth. It makes me crazy, and he knows it. He pushes me back against the wall, shoving a cart out of the way. Glassware rattles and breaks. Fuck! We’re in trouble.

He grinds his hips against mine. Our cocks press against each other. He’s already got me so hard I’m ready to beg. I use my free hand to pull his shirt from his pants. I need bare skin.

He lets go of my hand and starts undoing the fastening of my jeans. He’s going to fuck me right here in the lab. Anyone might walk in. A shiver of anticipation runs through me. He might get us fired. I try to remember why that would be bad. Then he licks my neck, taking deep breaths and groaning, and I give up.

I’m so easy. One touch from him and he owns me.

He pulls out my cock and pumps it as he licks my pulse point. What is he waiting for? I want his fangs in me right fucking now.

“Might take too much,” he says as if he hears my thoughts.

“Bite me.” I slide my hands down to his ass, pulling him tight against me.

He sinks his fangs deep. I hiss, a combination of pain and ecstasy beyond anything I’ve felt before taking a vampire lover. I buck my hips, pushing my cock into the circle of his hand. He sucks at my neck.

The pleasure is so intense, I’m close to coming, and he’s only been touching me for a matter of seconds. “Drew. So good. So fucking good,” I babble, not sure what I’m saying.

He works my cock faster. I want to touch him too, but my brain doesn’t work. I can’t make my hands move from where I’m gripping his back, digging into his skin, scratching him.

I start to feel dizzy. The room darkens. Fuck. “Drew. Enough. Enough!”

He licks the wound to make it clot fast and pushes away from me. His eyes are dark, wide. I can smell his hunger. My body quivers. My instincts tell me to run. Danger. Danger.

With a roar, he sweeps everything off the closest table. Glassware crashes to the floor, a bottle of solution pours out, safety glasses and latex gloves fly across the room. I should call for help. He’s out of control. He could hurt me, damage samples, ruin the lab.

My hand circles my cock. Fuck being good. I want the hard, rough ride he’s going to give me. I want to be bad. I want danger.

He turns to me and snarls. For a moment I regret not running. He’s never truly hurt me, but I’ve only seen him this out of control once.

He grabs my by the back of the neck and shoves me down over the table. “Don’t move.”

I grip the edge of the table and obey.

He jerks my pants down. Then he bends down and swipes his tongue across one of my ass cheeks. He pulls my cheeks apart. His teeth scrape my ass. Fuck, is he going to bite me again? But then he tongues my asshole and I don’t care what the fuck he does to me. He works me until I’m good and wet. I grind myself against the edge of the table, not caring that the cold, hard surface hurts. I need any friction I can get on my cock.

Drew pushes my legs apart and laps at my balls. Then he takes a long, slow breath as his lips skim my inner thigh. I can feel my pulse pounding right under his lips. If he bites me there, blood will pour into his mouth. He might kill me. But I don’t have a prayer of escaping.

He pulls away, and I glance over my shoulder. I watch him lick his hand and stoke his cock. He grins at me. “Hold on tight.”

Oh, fuck.

His cock presses for entry. He forces himself forward. The lack of real lube means he has to push hard. I sink my teeth into my lip to keep from crying out. My ass burns, but I want more. I want him to shove in deep. I want every inch of his cock. “Jason.” He groans. “So tight. So good.”

“Yeah.” I gasp, barely able to force air into my lungs.

Drew’s fingers bite into my hips as he drives forward. I gasp, unable to breathe. Then his balls slap my ass.

He holds still for a few seconds, but I’m so damn ready for him to move that when he does I scream as his cock drags over my prostate. “Fuck, yeah.”

He thrusts back in, harder this time. Then we both lose control, He rams into me, and I push back against him meeting every stoke. “Mine. You’re mine.”

“Yeah.” I am his, even if he is a fucking barbarian and a vampire.

He whimpers as he pulls out slowly, teasing me. “Want to taste you again. Want more.”

“Can’t. Dizzy. No more. Just fuck.”

“Yeah. Gonna fuck you so hard. Gonna. Oh shit.” He tenses and drives in hard as his orgasm slams through him. He calls my name as he pumps his come into my ass.

His hand works my cock. One stroke. Two. My balls tighten. Heat bursts at the base of my spine, and I come, pumping jerkily into his hand.

When we can breathe again, he lifts himself off me. I stand and survey the damage. The lab looked like a cyclone hit it. I glance toward the door, listening with my deer senses. No one is close by.

“Here.” Drew tosses me my pants. “No one will bother us. I told Morrison I needed a few minutes. Said I owed you an apology.”

I pull my pants on and frown at the pieces of glass on the floor. “I don’t think this is what he expected.”

Drew looks around at the mess as if seeing it for the first time and shakes his head. “Probably not.”

I grin, despite the dire state of things. We’ll get reprimanded, but it’s worth it. If that’s how Drew apologizes I hope he screws up way more often.


Hot July Days: Time to Tell (Free Read)

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For those of you who didn’t get to read my contribution to Hot July days over at the M/M Romance group at Goodreads, I’m posting it here. If you aren’t an m/m group member, I strongly encourage you to join. It’s free and so far over 100 free stories have been posted at part of Hot July Days including ones from some of my favorite authors like AJ Llewellyn and Lee Brazil.

The theme for Hot July Days is Don’t Read in the Closet. My story was inspired by a gorgeous by very NSFW picture that you can see here. And this prompt: We grew up together, best friends and all that. Joined the Army, damn the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” crap!
We almost lost one another on a special mission….how does our story play out?

Time to Tell

By Silvia Violet


Marty had relived the moment a thousand times. If he’d hesitated for even a second. If he’d been reluctant to blow a hole in the man who appeared like a part of the night itself, his best friend would be dead.


He and Jacob joined the army together when they were eighteen. They both wanted to escape from the podunk town they grew up in, and the army was their best choice. But for Marty being a soldier meant hiding who he really was.


Jacob knew Marty was gay. He’d known since they were in high school. When Marty came out to his best friend, Jacob hadn’t cringed or told him to get lost or punched him or any of the other terrible things he imagined. Of course he hadn’t done the one thing Marty longed for, pull Marty into his arms and confess that he was gay too and that he wanted Marty like he wanted air to breathe. Not that Marty expected that fantasy to come true.


More than once, he’d caught Jacob watching him with heat in his eyes when he thought Marty wasn’t looking. And he’d seen Jacob look at other men in a way he never looked at women. But if Jacob was gay, he’d never admitted it, and Marty hadn’t been willing to risk their friendship by revealing his true feelings.


But now everything had changed. He’d almost lost Jacob last night. For that split second when he hadn’t know whether Jacob was dead or alive, his heart shattered as he imagined his friend dying without ever knowing how much Marty loved him.


When he realized he and Jacob were pinned down with no chance of back up, he knew that their chances of surviving were low. His life had been in danger plenty of times since he signed up, but he’d never been so certain that he looked death in the face. Regrets crashed down on him, nearly making him come unglued. If he hadn’t been able to hold it together, they would both be dead. Marty swore that if he lived through the night, he was going to do his best not to waste another second pretending to be someone else.


He was going to tell Jacob how he felt. He’d either screw up their friendship or have a chance at a real relationship with the man he loved. Once he told Jacob, he was going to apply for a discharge. Living in the closet was no longer good enough for him.


Marty paced, his boots slapping against the concrete floor of the barracks. He hadn’t been alone with Jacob since they were rescued. Jacob’s wounds, though not serious, needed to be cared for, and Marty had spent hours giving his report of the evening’s proceedings to his superiors. Now that Jacob had been released from the doctor’s care, it was his turn to be questioned.


Marty leaned against the wall and rested his head on his arm. Jacob had been gone nearly two hours, surely he’d be back soon. Marty was about to tell his best friend that he was in love with him. He wondered for a moment if he’d lost his mind. Then he pushed away from the wall, strengthening his resolve once again. He’d almost lost Jacob last night, and their lives were on the line here every single day. He wasn’t going to his grave without bringing his feelings into the open.


A change in the light made him turn. Jacob stood in the open doorway of the barracks, blocking the hot desert sun. Before his friend had a chance to speak, Marty said, “Let’s take a walk.”


Jacob nodded and turned back toward the outside. They walked across the base in silence. When they neared the edge of the encampment, Marty took Jacob’s arm and steered him to a small storage building. Jacob raised his brows “What are you doing?”


“I got the key from Wolf,” Marty answered.




“I told him I needed some privacy. He didn’t ask any questions. Probably thinks I want to bring some girl here.”


Jacob shrugged. “Okay.”


Marty locked the door behind them as soon as they got inside. The building was filled with rows of metal shelves, many of which held boxes and cartons that looked like they hadn’t been touched in years. Chairs, tables, a desk and some old lockers had been placed along one wall.


Marty turned back to Jacob. His friend’s eyes filled with intense emotion. “Marty?”


Marty’s breath caught and his voice shook as he answered, “Yeah?”


“I was really scared out there. I…you saved my life and I…”


“I love you.” The words just came. Marty had no power to stop them.


Jacob frowned. “I know I-“


Marty shook his head. “No. I <“i”>love</”i”> you. I’ve loved you for years. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t. Then when I thought I was going to lose you-“


Jacob cut of his words with a kiss. Marty stumbled backwards in shock, crashing into a row of lockers. When he recovered, he pulled Jacob against him and opened his mouth to the assault, letting Jacob taste and explore. Marty massaged his friend’s shaved head with one hand and sank his other hand into the muscular flesh of Jacob’s ass as Jacob groaned against his mouth.


Jacob ground his hips against Marty, pressing him into the cold metal. Jacob’s hard cock felt like a lead pipe pressing into Marty’s stomach. Marty thrust against him, rubbing their cocks together.


Marty tilted his head to the side as Jacob’s lips left his and slid along his neck. Jacob licked him, tasting the sweat that covered them constantly in the vicious heat. Marty groaned as his best friend whispered against his skin. “Marty, I love you too. I didn’t think you wanted to hear it, didn’t think you wanted me like that.”


“Oh God, Jacob. I-“


Jacob silenced Marty with a finger on his lips. “I don’t want to talk anymore. I just want to feel. I need to know that you want me like I want you.”


“Want you?” Marty couldn’t hold back a laugh of joy, astonishment, confusion. “Jacob, I’ve wanted you forever.”


“Then show me.”


His friend’s words drove Marty crazy. He thought his brain might combust trying to process what was happening. He tried to force it to shut down  If Jacob didn’t need to think then neither did he. What they needed was to feel alive, desired, finally able to be themselves.


Marty needed to get Jacob naked, to run his hands over his friend’s beautiful body. He also needed to spread Jacob’s ass and bury himself inside, but he knew he had to slow down and savor the moment. He ran his tongue along the outer edge of Jacob’s ear while Jacob sucked at his shoulder. “Have you ever been fucked by a man?”


Jacob shook his head. “Hell, no. There’s never been anyone but you.”


Marty smiled against him and wrapped his hand around the back of Jacob’s neck, pulling his head to the side. He ran his tongue along the tight muscle at the side of Jacob’s neck. “There isn’t going to be either. You’re mine, and after I fuck you, we’re going to get discharged, and then we’re not going to hide the fact that we’re lovers. If people don’t like it, they can fuck off.”


Jacob pulled free and stared at Marty, eyes wide. “Shit, Marty, I-“


“I almost lost you last night, lost you without ever even kissing you. I’m not going to go another day without this.” Marty pushed up Jacob’s t-shirt and pressed his hands to Jacob’s back, frozen for a moment as he took in the reality of the smooth skin and hard muscle under his hands. The heat of Jacob burned into his palms as he slid his hands ever so slowly upwards.


Jacob shuddered as Marty kissed him, licking at his lips, tasting him slowly after the hurried passion of their first kiss. He pulled his lips away long enough to yank Jacob’s shirt over his head and then quickly dispense with his own shirt and toss both on the floor.


Marty licked and nibbled his way across Jacob’s rock hard pecs, stopping to tease one of his nipples. Jacob sucked in his breath and took Marty’s head between his hands as he writhed under the ministrations of Marty’s mouth. Marty circled Jacob’s wrists, pulling his hands away. “Brace yourself on the lockers and don’t move.”


“Marty.” Jacob’s tone held a warning.


Marty looked up, smiling at the heat still making Jacob’s brown eyes nearly black. “Trust me.”


A few seconds passed. Then Jacob nodded. Marty knelt in front of him and continued his explorations of his friend. When his tongue reached the waistband of Jacob’s pants, Marty unfastened them and freed Jacob’s cock. He couldn’t keep from licking his lips at the sight of Jacob exposed for him.


The muscles of Jacob’s thighs and abdomen were tight, tense. The metal lockers clanged against the wall as Jacob tightened his grip on them. But if Jacob was uncertain about what was happening, his cock definitely wasn’t. It was thick and hard, the tip dark and needy. Marty wrapped one hand around the shaft and licked at Jacob’s slit, tasting the pre-come beaded there.


Jacob made a strangled sound between a growl and a whine. Marty glanced up and smiled before sucking the tip of his friend’s cock into his mouth.


“Fuck, Marty!”


“Mmmhmm,” Marty agreed, his mouth still around Jacob’s cock. He sucked harder, taking more of his friend into his mouth. Marty could feel Jacob straining to keep himself still. Marty licked and sucked reveling in the taste that was uniquely Jacob. He slid a hand between Jacob’s legs to tease his balls, and Jacob obligingly opened his legs wider.


Marty sucked a finger into his mouth alongside Jacob’s cock, getting it good and wet. Then he sought Jacob’s ass and pushed his way inside. His friend gasped and thrust hard, shoving his cock deep into Marty’s mouth, the sudden intrusion making Marty gag.


“Sorry,” Jacob panted.


Marty pulled off long enough to say. “Don’t hold back, Jacob. I want you to fuck my mouth.” He smiled at the wide-eyed look on Jacob’s face as he swallowed him back down, working his finger deeper and sliding his tongue along the underside of Jacob’s cock.


Jacob broke when Marty pushed a second finger in his ass. His thrust hard and fast into Marty’s mouth. Prepared this time, Marty relaxed and took it, wrapping his hands around Jacob’s hips to steady himself and reveling in the pent up passion they were finally letting loose.


“Christ, Marty. I’m gonna come.”


Marty tightened his grip on Jacob’s hips holding him tight so he wouldn’t pull away. Jacob shuddered and bucked against Marty’s lips as he poured his come down Marty’s throat. When Jacob sagged against the lockers, Marty pulled off his cock, giving it a few last kisses before he stood, unfastening his pants as he did so.


He shoved his pants down and wrapped his arms around Jacob, desperate for some contact against his cock. He wanted to bend Jacob over and fuck him until he couldn’t sit down for days. He took a shaky breath instead. He could go slow for Jacob’s sake. Really, he could.


He pulled Jacob to him for another kiss, groaning as their mouths opened to each other. He slid a hand down to his cock and worked it between Jacob’s legs, sliding it against his friend’s ass. He released Jacob’s mouth and whispered against his ear. “Do you feel how hard I am for you? I want to be the first man, the only man to stuff your ass with my cock. I want to hear you cry out my name as I stretch you out and work myself deep inside you.”


Jacob rubbed himself against Marty’s cock. “Yes, Marty! God, yes!”


“Let’s use the desk.” Marty pointed to a large, sturdy-looking desk in the corner. Jacob stumbled toward it, his pants still trapped around his ankles. He laid over the end, exposing his ass to Marty.  Marty smiled in appreciation and caressed his ass. “Gorgeous, but I want to see your face when I’m inside you.”


Jacob groaned as he tried to fight his way out of his boots and pants. Marty took pity on him and knelt to unfasten his boots and help him get all the way naked so he could climb up on the desk and spread his legs.


Jacob bent his knees so his feet were braced on the edge of the desk. Marty pulled a small bottle of lube and a condom from his pocket and laid them on the desk beside Jacob. Jacob looked at Marty, and his eyes widened as if he’d realized for the first time that Marty was really going to slick up his cock and put it up Jacob’s ass.


“You okay?” Marty asked. He didn’t know how the hell he’d survive if Jacob wanted him to stop. He also knew how important it was not to screw up this fragile new relationship.


Jacob nodded. “I’m fine. I just…..”


Marty smiled. “I’m going to make sure you’re ready. Trust me.”


Marty slicked his fingers with lube and slid two fingers into Jacob’s ass. He watched his friend close his eyes and moan as Marty worked the digits in and out. He added a third finger, and Jacob tensed, but he pushed against Marty, taking his fingers deeper. “Damn, that burns, but….it feels good, too.”


Marty grinned. “It’s going to get even better.” He slid his fingers in and out slowly, twisting and scissoring them, wanting to be sure Jacob was good and ready, but he grew more and more impatient by the second. He felt like he’d waited a lifetime to do this with Jacob rather than years.


He wrapped a hand around Jacob’s cock which was hard again and straining upward. Jacob bucked up into his hand. “Marty, please.”


Marty smiled. “Please what?”


“Fuck me.”


Marty wasn’t going to deny him for another second. He rolled on a condom, squirted more lube onto his fingers and slicked his cock. Jacob wrapped his legs around Marty’s waist as Marty aimed his cock for Jacob’s hole. Marty groaned as he pushed inside his friend. Jacob tensed, hands scrabbling against the desk, trying to find something to hold on to. “Damn, you’re big.”


Marty smiled. “Too much?”


Jacob shook his head. “Want. More.”


Marty pushed harder until he was all the way inside the man he’d loved for so damn long. “Feels so good,” he groaned.


Jacob nodded, his pupils were dilated, and he was lifting his hips, trying to get Marty to move. For a moment Marty was afraid he was dreaming.


“Marty, please!”


No, this couldn’t be a dream, he could never have imagined that desperate, pleading tone coming from his friend. The fact that he’d so broken Jacob’s control made him crazy. He pulled back until only the tip of his cock remained inside Jacob. Then he drove in harder than he should have. Jacob bucked against him, digging his heels into Marty’s ass. “Yes!”


Marty started seriously fucking Jacob then, spurred on by the needy sounds and mumbled words spilling from his friend’s mouth. Jacob met every stroke. He wrapped his hands around Marty’s biceps as Marty leaned over him, giving him leverage to slam his hips against Marty’s. Marty knew he was being too rough for Jacob’s first time, but he couldn’t stop himself. He was out of his mind with need. If he didn’t come soon, his heart was going to stop. “Jacob. I need you. I-‘


“Oh God, Marty make me come.” Marty wrapped his hand around Jacob’s cock, a few firm strokes was all it took before his friend cried out and shot his load, coating Marty’s hand with stickiness.


The grip of Jacob’s ass around his cock as Jacob came undid Marty. He gave a hoarse shout and slammed into Jacob as his orgasm took him so hard he saw stars. When his body finally ceased its shudders. Marty collapsed on Jacob.


Jacob wrapped his arms around Marty’s back and held him tight. “That was amazing,” Jacob said, the words breathy and soft.


All Marty could do was nod against his chest. Several long moments passed. They didn’t talk, but they caressed each other, and Marty pressed soft kisses on Jacob’s chest enjoying the taste of sweat and come and Jacob.


When he thought his legs would hold him, Marty peeled off his friend and stood. The building was rarely used, but he couldn’t guarantee their privacy forever. They needed to get dressed and get back to the barracks. A reprimand on his record would make his discharge process even harder.


Jacob sat up. Marty pulled on his pants and held Jacob’s pants out to him. Instead of taking them, Jacob pulled Marty between his legs and cupped his friend’s face in his large hands. “You were right. We’re not ever going another day without making love to each other.”


Marty’s chest tightened and tears burned behind his eyes. He’d not let himself dare to hope he’d find this kind of acceptance from Jacob. “No, we’re not.”


Jacob frowned. “I want to be a soldier. I’m proud of what I’ve done since we signed up, but I can’t deny what I feel for you anymore.”


Marty took a long, slow breath. “This isn’t going to be easy.”


“But we’re going to have each other.”


Marty nodded. “I love you, Jacob.”


Jacob gave him a gentle kiss. “I love you, too. And right now, that’s all that matters.” Marty wanted to reply, but he couldn’t find the words to express what he was feeling. He kissed Jacob instead, letting his body say what words couldn’t.





Celebrate the 4th with a FREE story – NSFW

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My story, Time to Tell, is now available as a FREE read at the m/m romance group at Goodreads. By becoming a member of this group you can read over 100 free stories this summer. Look through discussions under the Hot July Days section to find it.

Each story is based on a prompt and a photo. Here’s mine, provided by the lovely Patricia Farrington,

We grew up together, best friends and all that.
Joined the Army, damn the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” crap!
We almost lost one another on a special mission….how does our story play out?


A Delicious NSFW Photo Prompt…

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I recently joined the m/m romance group at Good Reads and when I got an email about the Hot July Days event I knew immediately that I wanted to participate. Readers submit erotic photos and give a brief scenario that they like to have turned into a story. Authors accept the challenge by choosing a photo and writing the story. The stories will then be collected into an anthology for readers to enjoy. I’ll have more details coming soon.

For now, here’s the photo and prompt that I’ll be working with…..


Free Story – Savage Wolf: Stress Relief

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A few weeks after the end of Savage Wolf……

Stress Relief by Silvia Violet

As soon as I see my doe, my cock hardens in appreciation. By the end of my day from hell, I wanted to fall in bed and sleep for a week. Not anymore. I want to fuck Natalie until she screams.

She turns and looks at me. Her mouth drops open. My uniform shirt is ripped and blood-stained. I have cuts and bruises on my face and the knuckles of one hand are swollen all to hell. Damn good thing I’m a werewolf or I might not have survived.

She frowns. “What happened?”

I snarl, not wanting to talk about it. “Rough day.” She raises a brow, looking like she finds my explanation inadequate. “Strip!” I growl.

She tries to look shocked, but I can smell her need. Her pussy is already creaming for me. If she were in deer form her tail would be lifted and her ears twitching, but she’s all woman, and she’s mine.
I growl, long and low, wanting to make her just a little scared. “I’ve been shot at, stabbed, and beaten near to unconsciousness. I need a hard, rough fuck, and I need it now.”

Natalie smiles. “I can handle that.”

God, I love my doe. “Strip and put your hands on the wall.”

Natalie presses her lips together like she’s fighting a smile. She unzips the barely- there sundress she’s wearing and lets it fall to the floor, her eyes never leave mine. God save me, she’s not wearing anything underneath, not even the little scraps of lace she calls panties. With a pert smile she runs her hands over her body, tugging her nipples and letting one hand snake between her fur-covered pussy lips.

I nearly choke watching the hot show. “Ma’am turn around and put your hands on the wall.” She ignores me and slides her fingers over her clit and deep between her legs. “Don’t make me have to get rough with you.”

She laughs and turns around. Her hands hit the wall with a splat, and she arches her back, sticking her ass out at me. “Flaunting an ass like that is cause for arrest in this state, ma’am.”

She looks back over her shoulder and wiggles her ass. “You going to take me in, Officer?”

“Hell no, I’m going to punish you right here. What do you think you deserve for such a blatant display”

She sticks out her bottom lip, pretending to pout. “Have mercy on me, Officer.”

I snort. “Mercy? You’re not getting any mercy from me.” I’m out of my clothes in seconds. I perfected fast changes after the department bitched at me for tearing up too many uniforms when I shifted. I step up behind her and cover her hands with mine as I let my cock brush against her ass. “You carrying any weapons, ma’am?”

My sexy little doe turns and and whispers in my ear. “Why don’t you see if you can find some?”

I’m torn between keeping up the game and burying my cock in her that very second. I need her badly. Hell, I always need her badly.

I slide my hands down her arms and around to her breasts, seizing her nipples between my fingers.She gasps and shoves her ass back against my cock as I pull and pinch the hard buds. “These are fucking lethal. I’m definitely going to have to do something about that. I roll them between my fingers, pinching hard.

She moans and writhes under my hands. “Officer, please!”

I laugh. “What else you hiding, ma’am?”

I reluctantly let go of her breasts and slide my hands across her stomach. I pull her tight against me, holding her still with a hand on her belly. The other I use to separate her pussy lips, sliding my fingers across her clit. She bucks and cries out, “Wolf, please! I can’t-”

I love that she’s so turned on she’s forgetting to play along. I press her against me even harder. “I plan to do a very thorough search. My fingers glide through her hot cream. I thrust them deep into her pussy. She lays her forehead against the wall, whimpering and working herself on my fingers. I pump her a few times, then slide them out and let her go.

I take my hand off her belly and move it to the back of her neck, pinning her against the wall while I find her asshole with my cream-coated fingers. I circle the tight hole before seeking access.

“No, Officer, not there,” she moans, remembering our game through her haze of lust. “I slide my finger in and out then add the second one.” She whines and circles her hips working my fingers deeper. I hold still and let her ride me. I wish it was my cock there, but I can’t wait long enough to find the lube.

I slip my fingers from her body and she gasps. I wrap a hand around one of her hips and use the other hand to position my cock at the entrance to her pussy, hot cream coats my cockhead, and a growl escapes me. My claws ache to come out. My wolf can’t wait any longer. “Are you ready to take the punishment you deserve for your crimes?”

“God, yes!” She arches her back. My cock slips inside her. The hot clasp of her pussy undoes me. No more games. No more holding back. I drive into her, and she cries out.

I take both her hips in my hands, tilting her so I can go as deep as possible. My strokes are hard and fast, shoving her into the wall.

“Yes, Wolf! Please!” she screams. She likes it rough as much as I do. I’m not going to last long this time though. The adrenaline from my day is still kicking around in my system and now that I’m inside her I’m ready for the explosion that’s been building for hours.

I slide a hand around to her clit, scissoring it between my fingers. “Yes! Fuck, yes! She writhes against my hand, and her pussy clenches my cock. With an unrestrained cry, she goes over, writhing against my hand, spasming around my cock. It’s too much. I bury myself to the balls and pump out my come into her warmth.

We both collapse against the wall and slowly sink to our knees. She turns to look at me. Her cheeks are flushed, her doe eyes sparkling, a wicked grin on her face. “Feel free to take out your frustrations from work on me any day.”

I smile. “You know I will.”

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Free Story: On A Full Moon

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I’m in a werewolf mood since I’m still celebrating the release of Protect and Serve: Savage Wolf. So here’s a werewolf freebie for you to enjoy….
On a Full Moon by Silvia Violet

“Damn it!” Samantha tripped over a branch and cursed for the millionth time that night. What on earth had possessed her to go for a walk so close to dark, and how the hell was she going to find her way out of these woods?

An owl hooted and something rustled in the trees behind her. Sam spun around, her hand coming unconsciously to cover her pounding heart. She couldn’t see anything. The narrow beam from her tiny flashlight illuminated only a few feet of the path in front of her. The moon was full but under the dense tree cover, little of its light shone through.

Somehow she’d made a wrong turn, but now she was so lost she would be damned lucky to get out before dawn. She had no clue what trail she was on, but she kept walking, too restless to stop and too scared to dare try to sleep.

Several hundreds yards ahead, the path opened into a clearing. Moonlight shone through the opening in the trees making it appear almost bright there. As Sam got closer, she realized the clearing was occupied. A large black wolf stood right in its center.

It turned toward her, and Sam ducked behind a tree. Her heart hammered in her chest, and sweat slid down her back. She held her breath, not daring to move. But the wolf had heard her. He stared in her direction, a low growl emanated from him mouth. He lowered his nose to the ground and sniffed.

Sam’s lungs burned; she needed air. She wanted to run but stood frozen to the ground. Her fingers dug into the bark of the tree until she felt it rip her skin.

The wolf raised his head and looked right at her. His eyes were the color of the sky on the most perfect of spring days, yet they penetrated her as if he could see straight through the tree and into her heart.

He began to walk toward her.

She tried to get a grip a solid grip on the bark. Could she climb the tree? Could wolves climb trees? Why didn’t she know the answer to that?

She shouldn’t run. Shouldn’t show her fear. But her heart threatened to explode, and she could no longer hold her breath in her burning lungs. It rushed out and then shot back inside in short, harsh pants.

The wolf was so close now she could reach out and touch him if she so dared. The taunting glimmer in his strangely blue eyes told her that he was no big dog wanting to be petted.

Then he lifted his snout and howled. Shivers ran through Sam’s body. And so did a stab of . . . lust? She could only assume it was a reaction to the adrenaline coursing through her body.

Light flashed. It seemed to surround the wolf before dissipating. The wolf raised up on his hind legs. They began to lengthen. His front feet grew into arms. His snout shortened. It all happened too fast for Sam to register the entirety of the change. Within seconds, a man stood in front of her.

A sinfully gorgeous, naked man whose thick, hard cock reached almost to his navel. He stood well over six feet and his muscles were long, lean, and clearly defined just as the wolf’s had been. Closely-cropped black hair stood out on his head like he’d already been rolling around on the ground taking the pleasure his body was intent on. His eyes hadn’t changed. They were still the same shade of sky blue.

Sam wondered if she were dreaming. Had she fallen and knocked her head? Had she fallen asleep as she walked? If she were, she didn’t want to wake up. Not if this man intended to act on the lust blazing in his eyes. He took a step toward her.

She was hyperventilating, but she couldn’t slow her breathing and she couldn’t move. While running from a wild animal was not the best course of action, running from a strange, naked man whose eyes clearly showed the lascivious thoughts in his mind was the only sane thing to do. But this man was also a wild animal. And Sam wasn’t sane. Her body craved him like he was made of chocolate. Hot cream slid from her body, dampening her panties.

The man stepped so close she could feel the heat radiating from his body. “You shouldn’t be here.” His voice was rich and smooth. Sam’s knees weakened. She nodded in agreement but she didn’t move. This had to be a dream. If is wasn’t a dream she’d be running for her life, not staring at his full lips and wondering when he was going to kiss her.

“The change plays hell on our hormones. When I’m back in human form, all I want is a rough, hard fuck.”

Sam tensed and stopped breathing altogether. She’d grown so wet her panties and jeans were soaked.

“I’m going to count to five. If you’re still here when I’m done, I’ll assume you’re going to give me what I want.”

Sam opened her mouth, but nothing came out besides a squeak.

“One.” Sam looked up into the man’s eyes. The blue had darkened and she either saw or imagined a leap of blue flame. She couldn’t look away.

“Two.” He stepped even closer. If she could remember how to breath, her chest would brush his as she did so. “Three.” He leaned forward and braced his hands on the tree, trapping her between his arms. “Four. Five.”

His mouth crushed hers as his body pinned her against the tree. Sam arched against him, desperately needing pressure on her clit. She rubbed herself against the hard length of his erection while his tongue and teeth savaged her mouth.

He pulled back. She moaned and opened her eyes. His face looked pained. He took another step back. “Take off your clothes, or I’m going to rip them off.”

Dear God, he was barely under control. A jolt of need rocked Sam’s body at the thought. She’d always wanted a lover who would take her with no restraint.

“Now.” The word came out as a growl.

Sam gripped the hem of her T-shirt, pulling it off in one motion. Then she unzipped her jeans and pushed down off her legs, kicking them off along with her shoes. She reached for the clasp of her bra just as the man’s control broke.

He gripped the waistband of her satin panties and ripped them in half. As he tossed them to the ground, he picked up her T-shirt and spread in on the ground like a small blanket. “Get down on your hands and knees.”

She obeyed instantly.

He dropped to the ground behind her and grasped her hips, pulling them so high she was forced to drop to her elbows. She felt the tip of his cock brush across her lips, sliding through her wetness until he could rub it against her clit. She moaned. “Please.”

He gave a low laugh. “I think you’re as hot as I am. And you haven’t even Changed.” She pressed back against him, desperate to feel him inside her.

He groaned. “Get ready.” She sucked in her breath as he positioned himself at her entrance. He pulled her hips back as he thrust, fully seating himself in her. She gasped. Damn he was big. The fullness was almost pain, but her body adjusted quickly. Already she wanted him to move. She whined and tried to move her hips. But he held her against him. “I’ll do the fucking.”

She whimpered. She’d dreamed of a man controlling her like this. She loved it, but still her hips fought his hands. Her need to be fucked overran her need to be dominated.

He started to move, but his pace was too slow. She struggled again. “Please. I need it.”

He wrapped her braid around on of his wrists, jerking her head back. “You’ll get it when I’m ready to give it to you.”

She tried to hold it in, but another whimper escaped.

He pushed on the small of her back until she dropped her chest to the ground.

“Touch yourself while I fuck you.”

She groaned and wiggled until one of her hands could slip beneath her. She let her nails rake her belly before her hand reached her swollen clit. She made a v with her fingers and pressed down just as he surged back into her body. The intensity of the pleasure sent a wave of dizziness through her.

He increased his rhythm as she worked herself, finally giving her the hard fuck he’d promised. He thrust so deep and hard his balls slapped against the lips of her pussy at the end of each stroke, sending jolt of sensation to her clit which felt ready to burst. She hovered on the edge of orgasm.

He reached underneath her, circled her wrist with his hand, and pulled her hand away from her pussy. “I’m not ready for you to come.”

“Please.” She fought him, trying to free her arm. But he held it tight and grasped her other wrist as well, pinning her to the ground as his whole body lay over hers. He fucked her relentlessly. Little cries escaped her lips with every punctuating thrust. Once again, her clit tightened, getting ready to explode. Then he pulled out.

She tried to protest, but she couldn’t catch her breath to speak. He flipped her to her back and pinned her wrists above her head with his hands. Her thighs fell open as his cock to her opening once again. But he stopped there, the tip of his cock barely brushing her. “Look at me.”

She opened her eyes. The man’s gaze pinned her as surely as his hands had a moment before. “I want you looking at me when you come.” He thrust into her. Her hips bucked up and she struggled, fighting to feel every inch of him, fighting to get pressure on her clit as his pelvic bone slammed down against hers. She wrapped her legs tightly around his hips, determined to hold him inside her. This time, he was going to let her come.

Her climax rose like a wave through her body. She was so close. She prayed he wouldn’t stop. He thrust deep and stayed inside, grinding his pelvis against her. Her body tensed. Her breathing stopped. She feared her heart had stopped too. Then pleasure beyond any she’d felt before pulsed out from her clit, wracking her entire body.

He pulled back, but her body gripped him tightly and pulled him back in with contraction after contraction of her pelvic muscles. He growled, low and long. Then he convulsed against her with a shout.

For many long minutes, they lay still. Sam enjoyed the firm weight of him on top of her as she floated in a world of pure sensation.

When he stirred, she expected to feel embarrassment, even horror at what she’d done, but the feelings didn’t come. All she felt was intense satisfaction. She didn’t even care whether she’d really seen him change from a wolf into a man or how that could be.

When he pulled out of her body and sat up, she reached for his arm. His eyes looked down into hers. “Will you be here again on the next full moon.”

He smiled. “Yes, I will. And so will you.”

For more wolfy goodness, check out Savage Wolf or my Wolf Caller series.

Vampire Flash Fiction

Mar 9, 2011 Filed under: book release, free story, vampire

I’m thinking about vampires today as I get ready to celebrate the release of Revision later this week. Here’s a vampire flash piece (100 words or less) I wrote to channel that vampire energy…..

He pulled my wrist to his lips. His tongue flicked back and forth across my pulse point. I saw his fangs and froze. What was I doing? I tried to pull away but his grip was unbreakable.

“You’ll never escape.” His voice was low and silky.

My body flooded with heat, too stupid to realize the danger I was in. “Please.”

He laughed, a warm, erotic sound. Panic exploded in my head while cream flooded my pussy.

His fangs pressed against my wrist then sank deep. Sudden and hot, the need to come screamed upwards from my core.


Wolf Caller 1: Control by Silvia Violet

Feb 27, 2011 Filed under: free story, historical, paranormal, werewolf

The first chapter of Control, the first book in my Wolf Caller trilogy is posted at D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters. Go check it out!


As their world draws closer to war, the future of Albion is in the hands of a werewolf pack who must protect the country’s most carefully guarded secret, a new magically-generated fuel source. Rumors about the mysterious Lord Derek Valmont abound, but no one in Albion’s Upper Circles knows the whole truth. Valmont is a werewolf. He’s also an operative for the Office of Clandestine Affairs.

Captivated — literally — by the hauntingly beautiful wolf caller-witch Serena, he’s furious that he can’t break the hold she has over him in wolf form. When she flees their encounter he drinks in her lingering scent, determined to find her again — on his own terms. But before he convinces her to use her powers to aid his pack and his government, he’ll take her to his bed and prove he’s the one in control.

Serena may not be able to control the man as she does the wolf, but she’s got an agenda of her own — and her sights set on both the Alpha, and his second in command.


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