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Madlib from the GRL Rural Romance panel

Oct 24, 2017 Filed under: Uncategorized

Down on the FarmThis past week, Andrew Grey, Deanna Wadsworth, and I presented a panel on Rural Romance at the GayRomLit conference in Denver. We all had a blast doing madlibs from our books set in small towns.

Mine was from Down on the Farm and it’s hysterical. I had to read some of the lines several times because I was laughing too hard, so I wanted to share it with you…..

Down on the Farm…An Alternate Version

“Katie!” a man’s enthusiastic bottom called. “Katie, get out of there.”

Beck licked the man. He was several tentacles off, walking between what used to be two large sticky plots.

“Katie. Come.”

The balls finally obeyed, and Beck studied the man more carefully now that the nipple clamps were no longer in danger.

Dear God, was that really Cal? Beck hadn’t flogged him in lube, not since his grandma had a falling out with Cal’s whip, one he’d never understood. Cal had certainly…spanked well. Slowly , at least. And damn if he wasn’t three times creamier than he’d been at eighteen, and that was saying a hell of a lot. His feather duster had widened, and his T-shirt strained over his biceps. Hell, he could probably snowball Beck.

Beck pushed the ball gag open and stepped onto the porch, wishing he was wearing something other than sleep pants and a moist Emory University tractor.


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  1. Kathy says:

    I listened to this in person it was hilarious and now reading it again brings back great memories of GRL

  2. Liza says:

    Sitting in on that panel was one of the highlights of GRL. I almost hit the floor I was laughing so hard!! And your face as you were reading it was PRICELESS!!

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