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The Bear Talk Blog Tour Starts Today

Feb 27, 2012 Filed under: Bear Talk, bears, eye candy, m/m

Woohoo! The bears are here. I’m over at DC Juris’s blog today and Louisa Bacio is visiting Johnny Miles’ blog.

Here’s the schedule of posts for the rest of the week:

Tues. 2/28
Kayla Jameth with Ike Rose
Johnny Miles with here with me.

Wed. 2/29
Margie Church with DC Juris
Hank Edwards with Kayla Jameth

Thurs. 3/1
Deanna Wadsworth will be with Hank Edwards
Tom Webb will be with Louisa Bacio

Fri. 3/ 2
Ike Rose will be with Margie Church
DC Juris will be with Deanna Wadsworth



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